An ode to Galentine’s Day

What’s better than celebrating love?


For so many people, Valentine’s Day is a drag.  They can’t stand it. They think it’s an over commercialized holiday.  They say, “it’s just an extravagant way for candy companies and greeting card giants to make more money.”  While there might be some truth to their cynicism, it doesn’t stop me from smiling. I love when I start to see those pink and red heart-shaped boxes pop up just after Christmas in CVS.  The red roses and little stuffed animals are adorable.

Every year Valentine’s Day has looked a little bit different for me.  I’ve done the whole “getting dressed up and going out on a date with a significant other” Valentine’s Day.  I’ve done the “forever alone, pity party, rom com marathon” Valentine’s Day. Both are equally satisfying.

But, no matter what my relationship status is each year one thing is always the same: my friends.  Which is why I’m writing this right now, and giving February 13th, Galentine’s Day, the attention it so deserves.

Carrie Bradshaw said it best: “Maybe we can be each other’s soul mates and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.”

Now this isn’t some “all men are terrible” kind of piece.  You can feel however you want to feel about relationships on February 14th.  Today is about something different. February 13th is about taking time to appreciate the women in our life.

The grandmas, moms, aunts and cousins who raised us, and taught us right from wrong.  They picked us up when we were down, and showed us just how strong we were.

The grade school gal pals.  The ones who were our guinea pigs in testing out how to be a friend.  We learned how to share, and how to keep secrets with them.

Our teammates, who passed the ball to us at just the right time so we could make the shot, because they knew we wouldn’t miss.  They believed in us, and gave us the confidence we needed to succeed.

And to the women in our lives now.  I call them my “life friends.” The ones we live with, eat with, and watch trashy movies with.  The ones we convince to ditch homework for a trip to He’s Not, or bring us food to the MJ School when they know we have a long night of editing.  The people we cannot wait to see after we get back from a long Christmas break. Not only are they ones we do life with, real adult things with, but they’re the ones that have watched us navigate some of the most stressful years of life so far.  Balancing school work, extra curricula’s, leadership positions, internships, and who we want to be. Our life friends get our worst days and our best days. They’re our family. Our home away from home.

All of these women have shaped us in to the people we are today.  Each of these women has taught us something. Each has given us a piece that we’ll take with us for the rest of our lives, and today is a day to celebrate that.  The strong, independent women in your life that you loved.

So whatever way you choose to celebrate February 14th is on you, but don’t forget that February 13th is for your gals.

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