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Most of the time, when my mom sends me a text asking what I’m doing on a Friday afternoon, I’m probably watching Netflix.  It seems crazy that my sophomore year of high school I asked ever so hesitantly for a Netflix account, and my mom automatically agreed.  I was way too excited. I remember running upstairs, laying down in my bed and clicking on Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl was definitely not the pinnacle of silver screen entertainment.

Since my sophomore year, my Netflix choices have come a long way.  I would like to believe they’re more elegant and sophisticated. To prove that, here are my five favorite shows I’ve watched on Netflix so far.  

Stranger Things

Netflix struck gold with this show.  It’s a new age Goonies that every single person in the family can sit down and enjoy.  The show balances the challenges of growing up with outlandish supernatural elements that bend anyone’s imagination.  I’m also told by some of my older family members that it’s spot on when it comes to re-creating the vibe of an 80’s childhood.  Each episode is like a mini movie and you absolutely cannot stop watching it. I’m not one to rewatch shows, but you can find me in my house binging seasons one and two before July 4th.

Queer Eye

I spent my entire life watching “What Not To Wear.”  It was like clockwork. Everyday when I would come home from school I would grab something to eat and turn on TLC.  This past summer, I would come home from work and immediately flip on Netflix and go to Queer Eye. Needless to say I finished the first two seasons pretty fast.  Queer Eye is all about transforming lives and teaching men, and women, that it’s okay to love and take time for yourself (#selfcare). Every episode makes me smile and cry at the same time.  To have a show where you can’t choose who your favorite is, is priceless.


This gem of a show.  I LOVE IT. There’s action, mystery, and even slight romance.  Telling you I didn’t shed tears during the Reichenbach Fall episode would be the biggest lie I’ve ever told.  It’s the best kind of buddy cop drama with wonderful British humor. Every episode keeps you guessing until the end when Sherlock flawlessly unveils how he solved the whole thing.  You fall in love with Sherlock and Watson in a way that I have never loved any other characters. Well, besides the cast of the Avengers, but that’s a different blog post. I loved it so much that when Season 4 premiered, I tuned in to PBS so I could watch it.  A 19 year old woman willingly watching PBS…only Netflix can do that.

Any Netflix True Crime Doc (Staircase, Ted Bundy Tapes, Evil Genius)

Sorry Dateline, Netflix has officially stolen my heart with their stash of true crime documentaries.  It all started with the Staircase doc. I drove by the neighborhood that’s home to the crime scene every day on my way to work this summer.  After finishing that doc, it wasn’t hard for me to click play on the next suggested true crime thriller. Like the saying goes, “truth is stranger than fiction.”  These docs will definitely show you that. Netflix does a great job of getting testimonies from the people in the thick of it all. It makes for a nail biting and unbelievable shows that have you telling your friends, “wait, did you see this?”

The Great Comedy Trio: The Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock

There is absolutely no way I could rank these three.  You can’t watch just one. In order to understand the full range of NBC’s comedic strength you have to watch every single one.  They all offer something different. The Office brings us that same dry, uncomfortable humor that the British original gave us, with an American twist.  Parks and Rec is a little more obviously funny. Everyone is lovable. For anyone that’s done any kind of public affairs reporting on small town government, it’s pretty spot on.  Lastly, 30 Rock. Oh, how I love Tina Fey. I will admit, this show isn’t for everyone. The humor is a little out there. But if you loved Tina in her SNL days, every joke is spot on.  So, watch it. Although that might prove more difficult now because THEY GOT RID OF 30 ROCK. #bringback30rock #imstillmadaboutit #ishuluthenextnetflix

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