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My friends and I have been counting down the seconds until this day for quite some time now.  Why is this day so special? Yes, it is LDOC, and yes it is also the day Avengers: Endgame premieres, but we’re waiting for something else totally different.

It’s the day Taylor Swift releases new music.

Ever since our pop princess went on a hiatus before Reputation, there’s no telling what she’ll do.  She made us wait three long years for Reputation. We scoured her Instagram until it went dark. We combed through Twitter looking for any sign of her from fall of 2014 until the summer of 2017. When the infamous snake video appeared, we knew she was back for blood.

We’ve always seen Taylor Swift as light-hearted.  Sure she has her intense ballads like “Dear John” and “All Too Well,” but up until now we’ve never doubted her sunny side up approach to life.  Until we heard Reputation.

It’s dark, twisty, slightly scandalous, and so so catchy.  The concert was all of those things, dialed up to an eleven.  We wore our ripped jean skirts, black crop tops, red lipstick, and hoops to that concert, eager to see the dark side of our sunny pop princess turned evil queen, and it definitely delivered.  

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We’ll see you tomorrow and Saturday, Santa Clara CA!⚡️😘 @gettyentertainment

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However, the very last song “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” left me thinking that Taylor might be starting a brand new chapter.  The song felt cathartic. She wore a sparkling light colored dress and danced around the stage in a water fountain. Despite the snakes and leather we were getting used to, I felt like everything was changing.

So now that she’s posting pictures of pink hearts, turquoise old school bikes, and baby chicks wearing sunglasses I think we can kiss old edgy Taylor goodbye, and welcome back the Fearless Taylor we all know and love.

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